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How to estimate the memory required for an ANSYS model

March 11, 2007

I found this paragraph in the “ANSYS Mechanical- Powerful Nonlinear Solver” by Grama R. Bhashyam

“Typically, the sparse solver requires 1 GB of memory per million degrees of freedom (DOFs), and 10 GB of disk drive”

Using this rule of thumb one can estimate the memory required to solve one’s FEM model


CFD in Solidworks

March 8, 2007

I found some good videos on youtube today. CFD was always a fascinating method to me, I can understand FEM but CFD is amazing, how a PDE can generate these amazing results always blows my mind, look at this amazing video. I guess doing this in Fluent is much harder (FLUENT is more powerful though)

anyways, here are some videos on COSMOS engine in SolidWorks

Pump Flow using SolidWorks CFD (2006) Training
Electronics Airflow using SolidWorks CFD
Engine Airflow using SolidWorks CFD

Search yotube for more videos on Solidworks and its Cosmos engine